Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Yoga Therapy is an ancient healing art dating to nearly 2,500 years ago. It is a rhythmic poetry that incorporates passive stretching, compressions, and trigger point therapy. It can be as relaxing or intensely therapeutic as you need. Both traditional and modern tools may also assist treatment. It is performed fully clothed and can be done in public.

30 min Thai Liberation $35
60 min Thai Treatment $70
90 min Complete Thai $90*
[*90 min is the minimum for a full session]

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How Did I Get into Thai Yoga Massage?

People often ask me this. I was in the midst of the CrossFit Open a few years back. I had been working out hard in months prior in preparation. When you are actually doing the weekly workouts, your body gets a little beaten up. So I was home doing bench presses like I normally do. I was doing these Westside Barbell styled dynamic presses. I really got my adrenaline pumping before my lift and with about the 2nd rep, I heard a terrible tear. Its was like a t-shirt tearing. And my right arm just let go. Fortunately, I had safety racks. The weight fell to the racks and I just laid there. I couldn’t yell up to my wife because I was in so much pain. I finally felt I could move and edged out under the bar. The surgeon said it was all muscle that tore and I didn’t need surgery. But he said after the pain goes away, get into a deep tissue massage therapist (and in his deep Texan accent) and have them “get after it”.

So that’s what I did. I went to this place in town called the Mettler Center. I found a therapist who I liked a lot and we’re still friends today after many years. I had a big walnut sized knot of scar tissue in my chest that she was able to work out over time.

Since then, I’ve explored other modalities as well. Before I found Thai yoga, I started receiving Ashiatsu. This is a form of massage where they walk on your back and use feet in specific applications. I love the deep compressions and strong strokes. I had never felt anything like that.

Then, while I was in yoga teacher training, my instructor often had us doing Thai yoga massage as a savasana assist. I always loved that and it made me feel so good. A few LMTs in town dabbled with Thai yoga so I went to them. I eventually took a course in Evanston, IL that I really enjoyed. But I only anticipated taking that one course and then using it to enhance my yoga teaching. But I honestly fell in love with it. I decided to get into the curriculum to become a certified practitioner.

Since I’ve been practicing as a student, I’ve been amazed at the healing qualities of this bodywork. It goes deeper than anything I’ve ever experienced. It is stronger and heals more than any other modality. The trigger point work, knowledge of body mechanics and anatomy, and the stretching aspects make it a well-rounded practice. Its amazing how miraculous this technique works.

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