Fly Fishing

Learn the Art of Fly Fishing with Andy

I’m on a quest to fish Trout Unlimited’s list of 100 Best Trouts Streams in America. I’m about halfway through. There is so much to love and learn about fly fishing. It is so pure and primal. It is an art that you’ll never regret having learned. And some say that it is sexy, if you’ve seen Brad Pitt in “A River Runs Through It”.

Learning Points:

  • Single-handed casting
  • Select & assemble tackle
  • Read the water; lakes, ponds, rivers, & dams
  • Weather, insects, habitats
  • Ninja trout hunting
  • Knot & Fly Tying
  • Travel advice
  • Rod building
  • Two-handed Spey casting

Private lessons and guidance provided at $50 per hour including travel time if outside of the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois area. And yes, you can fly fish anywhere.


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