The Experts are Seriously Wrong!

I was disheartened yesterday listening to a Vlogger who I respect. She has a doctorate in a health profession so I usually value what she says. This time, not so much. She falls in line with most of the mainstream dogma of Low-Fat, High-Carb, High-Protein that we hear so much. It is such an affront to what science tells us today. Read any health magazine or popular podcast and they repeat this dogma incessantly.

I would invite people to search the research themselves and not trust anyone, even if you respect that person. Don’t even trust your doctor because they follow conventional RDA guidelines too. In everything today, we need to think for ourselves because false information inundates everything we see and hear.

And before you tell me I’m crazy, I ate whatever I wanted in my teens and 20’s and still had ripped 6-pack abs. Like a child, I was active all day long, so I burned off everything I ate and any fat on my body. I was probably always in a caloric deficit. Now that I’m a responsible adult, I have to sit on my butt in an office chair most of my day. I sit in meetings at other times. And I laze around in my chair watching TV at night (yes, my fault). I DO workout really hard and teach yoga classes, but that 1-2 hours of daily work doesn’t override my non-active time. And, my testosterone is significantly lower and my metabolism has slowed considerably as I age.

So, unless you are past your 20’s and 30’s, you don’t understand longevity. This is where diet plays an even greater role in our lives. In fact, our lives depend on it. Flip the paradigm. Low (or no) carb, high fat, and moderate protein are hallmarks to living longer. Controlling insulin should be far and above our greatest endeavor. It drives whether we lose fat or not. And for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and many autoimmune diseases, a diet focused on what insulin does charts the quality of the rest of your life.