Workout Plan Sept 2021

Here is my new workout plan. I think it will work for me. I now teach Rocket on Tues and I’m trying to attend Rocket on Thurs. Since it takes a lot of strength and flexibility, I try not to walk into class with tight, aching muscles. Olympic lifting is mostly concentric work, so its safe to do any day (maybe even every day). It is the eccentric work that makes you sore. But I intentionally do eccentrics on my bodybuilding days. So here it is:
Fri – Chest Triceps; run/paddle/bike
Sat – Back Biceps; Tabata interval
Sun – Olympic lifts Delts Legs; Tabata interval
Mon – CrossFit WOD
Tue – Olympic lifts – teach Rocket yoga
Wed – rest or Ashtanga class
Thu – Olympic lifts – take Rocket yoga

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