How I Am Taking Over My Health

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve written. I’ve gone through some amazing changes with my health plan. I’d have to admit, if it wasn’t for this pandemic, I don’t think I’d be where I am today. I feel for those who have lost jobs and suffered during this time; but I’ve met positivity in my own life. Maybe some of that will rub off and give you ideas for yourselves.

Huge Influences for me in 2020:
[Preface — I struggled, dabbled, gave much thought, dismissed them, but came back to these people over time and now totally embrace their ideas. Give them a chance. You've gotta break through the thick ice to get to the good stuff]
David Goggins – I read "Can’t Hurt Me" and Jesse Itzler’s account of when Goggins lived with him and trained him. This is monumental!
Jocko Willink – he has a saner approach than David and great guidelines for life.
Dr. Eric Berg – he is my fasting and keto resource. His videos are super helpful.
Mark Sisson – of the Primal Blueprint. I read his book and sat it aside not really planning to follow what he said. But over time, it gnawed away at me. Now I’m a total follower. This is especially useful for longevity.

There are definitely more, but these are 4 who came to mind right away. Give all of them a chance. What they say makes a lot of sense.

I’ll spend some time explaining the why’s and what for’s over time. Please ask questions if you’d like and I’ll explain. Here is what my day looks like now:

Daily Routine:

Wake 0515-0545 – I use the Sleep app to wake up when I naturally begin to stir. This sets my hormones on the right course and you don’t feel groggy.

Coffee – I wake by playing with my dogs, drinking coffee, and watching the news.

I make a small carafe of coffee. Since coffee can stimulate some insulin, I have learned to back off a little on how much coffee I drink. So I drink about 3 cups.

I also do my first Language program of the day. I’m also FASTing, so I don’t eat anything.

Work at 0630 sharp – Its easy since I telework. This is my most focused time of the day. I can get a lot done in the first hour or two of work.

Mid-morning walk – I do this after finishing coffee. I watch an educational YouTube that relates to my work. So I’m still working. I stay at a conversational pace, that is 180 beats per minute minus my age for heart rate. This is HUGE for me and a big change. To burn fat while fasting, you need to stay in this Zone 1 and don’t push the intensity. For many of us, that’s hard to do. But its super important for many reasons.

Electrolyte – then I drink 16 oz of water with Dr. Berg’s electrolyte mix. This is important while fasting since just plain water or coffee doesn’t provide the chemical mix to make muscles and mind function at their best. I will explore other electrolytes later.

Break Fast – I may do another quick walk before breaking my fast to maximize fat burning. For an 18 hour fast, it usually ends up at 1130am, for 20 hours it’s 1330. Much depends on my late afternoon workout. I prefer to eat at 1130 so I digest and have energy for my workout. Regardless, making this a keto lunch is best. However, it’s often about 8 oz of coconut milk, carb free protein powder, and a cup of mixed frozen berries.

Work – I work in the afternoon without any snacking whatsoever (very important!!) I drink a cup of green tea that has numerous benefits for mind and body. It also keeps me from an afternoon circadian trough.

Workout – I have guidelines for my MetCon WOD (metabolic conditioning workout of the day) every day of the week except Thursday. I usually combine strength and skill work either within the WOD or before or after the workout.

Hygiene – 1645 promptly! I also learned that soaps and shampoos have harmful detergents for your skin. The only places on your body that stink are your armpits and private parts since those are the odor centers of the body. So I shower once every 2 or 3 days and do a bird bath of odor parts the other days. I am probably saving water (and the planet, hehe) by doing this as well.

Cook Dinner 1700 – mostly keto. Seafood once a week. I try to do an Instant Pot recipe once a week too. There is a whole plan to my meals. I try to shut off my eating by 1730 at the latest. Then I can start my fast. What I have to remember to do is if I want a little snack, like a piece of dark chocolate, some cashews, or BBQ pork rinds, then I make sure I have it with my meal. Then I won’t crave that after I start my fast. I use the Zero app and when I start the timer, it’s Over. No more eating for the night.

Evening – watch TV, maybe finish my walking steps for the day to meet my goal, maybe some Yoga either online or in front of the TV, lots of rolling and stretching regardless.

Bedtime – promptly at 2030 and it never wavers. Even when I travel to a different time zone, I try to keep the same schedule. I read either with a red light backlight on my phone or with a red light headlamp. This reduces the blue light exposure that is a sleep killer.

Wow, that got longer than I expected. I plan to go into more detail of the "why’s" of all of this. It is super important for me to stay on this schedule and it is made a lot easier because of the lockdown. There are no outside influences that can change my schedule. It is life changing how these improvements have improved my quality of life.

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