Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon…errr, Racism

Ever heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? It a parlour game that connects Kevin to any arbitrary actor. That’s what people are calling systemic racism. Its why every statue, monument, historical document, and living person can be called racist. You buy an iPhone or Android, you’re racist. Why, because it uses slave labor in Africa to gather cobalt in the mines. If you trace back anything, people will point to a source in racism. If you think a thought, its racist. No matter what you do, people will call you racist. Like when Mark Wahlberg tried to say something in support of a movement, he received a severe backlash of people decrying his early days of life when he did something wrong. There isn’t forgiveness or grace in society. Everybody is a racist. Not far behind that, sexist. Then, you’re privileged. Then, you’re a bourgeois this or that.

You know what, just stop calling people names and categorizing people who you don’t even know. Just stop it all! It is so hateful to do. Instead love and support each other. Actually talk with people before flaming on social media.

A Mexican immigrant said the other day on Joe Rogan that 2nd and 3rd generation Mexican immigrants in California are the worst. You are not allowed to state facts about any situation. There is no rationalizing with someone or carrying on an intellectual conversation. A very prominent politician from the same State said "facts don’t matter". Instead, burn them at the stake on social media. Then cancel them. Cancel out anything good they’ve ever done. Cancel all the money they’ve donated to charities. All it takes is one step off the path of the narrative and you’re cancelled. I made one comment about something recently and two of my yoga students unfriended me. That’s what they do. They do it from a keyboard in some dark room. That way, nobody can point the finger back at them. What they don’t realize if we turned back on their hypocrisy, the Six Degrees of Racism, Sexism, and Privilege will come back to haunt them too.

Before you condemn a person, first walk a mile in their shoes.

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