A Long and Winding Road

I hope you all have been well. Despite being home all the time, I have been defunct in my writing. So here is my update.

Each week of being locked down at home has brought new (and better) life. The idea of "temporary" is looking more like "normal". I’d love to share my life with you because, let’s be honest, I’m old! (haha!) And maybe "old" sometimes equates yp a bit of "wisdom". Time will tell (pun). So before I start -splaining things to you, I’ll give you the punch line.

My New Life Strategies (for the foreseeable future):
– Use FatSecret app to monitor food intake on the weekdays (M-F). 1,500-2,000 kCals
– Use the Zero app to monitor Intermittent Fasting on weekdays (M-F).
– Do weekly weigh-ins on Friday, a.m. and p.m.
– Try to eat an early dinner (before 530pm) and start my fast.
– Try to fast for a minimum of 13 hours but up to Noon (18.5 hours).
– Don’t monitor anything on the weekend (530pm Fri to 530pm Sun).
– But also don’t go crazy. I don’t want to erase all my gains.
– Primary goal in diet is to stay under 100 g of carbohydrates during the work week.
– Secondary goal is to be mostly Keto/Primal. Stay keto through breakfast and maybe lunch.
– CrossFit every day (except Friday):
Strength – but don’t overdo it – 5×5, 3×10, 7×1 – to failure but only 80% total intensity
WOD – usually a couplet, sometimes a triplet. Nothing crazy, aim for 5-15 mins.
Accessory – a skill or focused exercise to work on. Maybe a couple exercises.
– Friday play day – usually trail run, but may be combined with mountain biking, paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing.

I’ve done this specific plan for the past couple weeks and it has been so freeing. I love it. I’ve also been working longer days early in the week so I can take more time off Thurs and Friday. I used to have half days on Friday. Now I have the full day off Friday most weeks or a half day. Then I may even take shorter Thursdays. Depending on the weather, I may switch my Thursday and Friday around.

If you have Memorial Day off, have a wonderful celebration. I don’t have plans yet, but its going to be fun!

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