A New Year of Working Out

Despite my shoulder still healing, I have had some amazing workouts over the holidays. I’m so excited for this year. Its going to be the best year of my life for many things; but for my fitness as well.

I’ve already started integrating goals every week (see my recent post). I know far ahead of time what the goals are so I can prepare months ahead. But I’m starting to bring back old exercises and introduce new exercises.

Last night, I did a workout for 4 rounds that included farmers walks with a kettlebell in one hand. I need to do more asymmetrical and lateral work as much as I can. It wasn’t really hard because I used a relatively light weight. But once I get to longer distances with heavier weight, I know it will pay off. Asymmetrical work is so important for general fitness. We do so many things in the power sports symmetrically and for good reason. We are stronger and safer with bilateral movements. But for back health and functional fitness, its doing things one sided that really makes a difference. It helps us cope better with what life throws at us.

I am also going back to my heavy bag. Mine is very old and beaten up (literally). So I may be looking for a new one soon (maybe for my birthday? Hmmm?). Last night, I just did 50 push kicks without any break. It was nice to get into a rhythm and find power with each kick. But the payoff is in the hip flexors, psoas, and abdominals. Kicking also increases flexibility, balance, kinesthetic awareness, and rotational strength.

Another oldie that has been haunting me is wood chopping, like with an axe. For those of you in the know, this is a very tiring functional movement. And I need to chop my wood anyway. I picked up a cord of wood over a year ago and it has sat in a pile ever since. So I started chopping the other day to see if my bad shoulder could handle it. It went surprisingly well. And it sure gets your heart beating. You can mimic this with a sledge hammer or steel mace to a tire as well. Its such a great full body workout. I’ve made some nice fires in the fireplace too since then.

I am also ramping up my Animal Yoga practice. I’ve been working on midline stability anyway so this fits right in. I’m actually considering making an "Andy Yoga Method" that is a hybrid of my life’s learning. I’d love to integrate Rocket, Animal, Capoeira, Tai-Chi, Aikido, Karate, and other ideas into a single routine. When I develop a few sequences, I’ll share on my YouTube channel.

I hope you have dreams, hopes, and well-thought out plans for the New Year. If not, take one step. Don’t talk about it, actually take the step. It may be a physical step with your foot, or it may be a few minutes on a yoga mat. But take the step. Don’t linger. Do it now!

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