Goal WOD & PT checkout

I had my last day of Physical Therapy yesterday. I had a good session and the PTs at Impact are super amazing. I am still restricted on what I can do and I trust their knowledge. But to stay on the positive, there is a lot that I CAN do. A torn labrum in my shoulder means I have to limit all pressing movements, overhead work (pullups and presses), and anything biceps related. My particular injury involves the long head of the bicep where it attaches at the labrum. So I have to be careful there.

My new workout in December and beyond includes setting weekly goals. It looks like this:
Week 1: Do one long/hero workout a month
Week 2: Set goal accessory movement lift
Week 3: Set a goal for LSD: run [treadmill or outside], ski, row, bike
Week 4: Set goal for major lifts (squat, bench press, DL, Olympic)

I did a max rack Squat on Saturday. I didn’t actually go to 100%. But I went near it and felt good afterward. The last thing I need is to get injured. But it gives me the confidence to add 10 kg and try again this Saturday.

Yesterday, I did my goal Long CrossFit Workout. My initial intention was to do "Michael" outside. But the feel like temperature is 11 degrees F so I didn’t feel like going outside. And, unfortunately, treadmill miles are so much longer than regular miles. So I didn’t want to do the entire workout on a treadmill. So here is the prescribed (Rx) workout and my modification.

Michael: (3 rounds for time)
run 800 m
50 situps
50 GHD back extensions

My Modification: (20 min AMRAP)
Round 1. run 400 m, 2. row 400 m , 3. ski 400m, repeat
25 situps
25 back extensions

I ended up getting back to the 2nd run. But my treadmill is upstairs and I only had a little over 4 minutes left. So I went back to the rower on my last round. Overall, it wasn’t a super difficult workout. That’s not to say I wasn’t straining hard on the situps and I couldn’t pull with power on the last row. I’m a little sore the day after, so that’s good. If I do this again, I may set it up for 30 mins instead (note to self: go ahead and mark it on my calendar for a few months from now).

Since I’ve been hesitant to work unilaterally with only my good shoulder, I haven’t done either. But I’m about to add just one side for a while. And I’ll also work very light bilaterally as well. My instructions for working out, yoga teaching, and life is to never go where I feel pain on my labrum. So that’s what I’ll do. Before PT, I was doing a lot, but I think I was in pain most of that time too. That’s not a good place to be. There is never a "no pain, no gain" mentality with injuries.

Happy New Year!

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