Hysterical Hystory: A Tone Deaf Generation

Haha, I love when kids today don’t know the pioneers of music.

I just watched a video on YouTube of a brief history of Alanis Morrisette. Apparently, Taylor Swift bought her out as a guest singer at one of her concerts. They sang "You Outta Know" and kids were tweeting, "Who is Alanis" and "Cmon Taylor, Alanis Who?". Bwahaha! Taylor was singing Alanis’ song. Get a life #forreal

Not long ago, Ozzy Osbourne did a collaboration with Post Malone. The same thing happened. Kids were like "See, that’s why I love Post. This Ozzy person is going to be famous now". When, in reality, Ozzy has plastered the world with music for over 50 years straight. If you go to any sports venue today, you’ll hear "Iron Man", "Crazy Train", and "Flying High Again". His roots with Black Sabbath pioneered a whole genre of music. The Prince of Darkness has been rocking for generations.

As far a civics classes today, our education system is failing us badly. Many kids don’t have a clue about our government and the basics of our history. Even college kids. I’ve seen so many times when someone interviews college students on campuses or on Spring Break they are totally clueless. It really surprises me. I know that’s not everyone, but students who correctly answer basic questions about government and U.S. history are conspicuously absent.

We need more education, especially in high school. I think the next generation of youngsters should skip college and learn a trade. They would be vastly more employable and functional in society.

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