Relaxed Stretching

What is so amazing to me about practices like Restorative or Yin Yoga is releasing your muscles into a pose. In Ashtanga Yoga, we usually hold a pose for 5 breaths, which is about the same time that it takes for the stretch-reflex to finally release your muscles. But the actual time in the stretch is only a few seconds. As we train your bodies and breath more, our mind releases the muscles faster. But if you really want to feel the deepness of a stretch, you hold for many breaths. Its what I love about more restorative variations. But you can do this with any pose given the right set-up.

All of this yumminess is even more accentuated in Thai Yoga Massage. In a totally relaxed state, you can get deep into poses and hold them. Quite often, I self-assist when I do poses in my own practice. When I do this, I’ll massage the tight muscles while in a pose. Or I’ll massage taut fibers and then go back to the pose over and over again. But to have someone else do it for you is really amazing. Let’s say you have knee pain so much that it hurts in supta virasana or triang mukha pada paschimottanasana. What if someone were to work on your knees and put you into the pose or a modification? It could be possible to find the depth you’ve been looking for in a very safe way.

All this is possible with Thai Yoga stretching. We can use tools like contract-relax (PNF), muscle distraction, vibration tools, and cupping to open your body in different ways. You should check it out for yourself.

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