My Team is Struggling

I know that doesn’t mean a lot to everyone, but it means a lot to me.

With defensive woes, I’ve set low expectations for my Oklahoma Sooners for the past several years. With Alex Grinch coming in from Ohio State, I felt about 30% more positive we could turn things around. And in the first several games, we actually did have a very good defense. But with a few injuries to key personnel, we’ve again shown our Achilles heel.

The days of putting up 21 points on a team and then coasting are long gone. We used to dominate and make opponents feel like they didn’t have a chance, so why bother. But now, teams always know they have a shot. Much like a fighter that gasses out after the first round, they just have to hold on to the onslaught. Then they can do whatever they want to a very weak defense.

I don’t have high hopes here on out. I think we have a 50/50 chance against our in-state rivals this week. And if we do make it to the conference championship, I think Baylor, or whomever our opponent will be, will likely run roughshod over our dreams.

And for our offense, we have so much potential. Our Heisman hopeful, Jalen Hurts, could have really been the shoe-in for the trophy this year. But our offensive line isn’t doing us any favors. A new front means that weaknesses can easily show up. And Jalen has itchy feet. When he feels even a hint of the pocket collapsing, he collapses too. Then he runs. The outsider could look at that as a strength. I see it as a very big weakness, one that the Pros won’t like very much. If he focused on the passing routes more and less in gaps to run himself, he’d be a much better quarterback. Some day, heaven forbid, he will get injured running so much and then what will that give him? An early retirement.

I hate to be so down on my team. I’d love to be hip-hip-hurrah about it all. We’re still a top 10 team, but I’m not sure for how long. I feel like we’re paper Tigers. Its so hard emotionally to be let down so often. I go from wearing my OU gear proudly to tucking it all in the closet and being anonymous. You have to start low and then be happy when we get the win.


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