Don’t Put Me in a Box

Don’t let anyone put you in a box.Be free, be yourself.

Don’t let anyone shame you for being who you are.
If you are different, be different. If you are straight, be straight.
Be proud of whomever you are.
Not for pride’s sake, but for the sake of being you.
Act like you’ve been there before.
Why celebrate something people do every day?
Instead, be who you are and keep true to your course.
Instead, celebrate life. Celebrate living.
Don’t let anyone tell a woman she is not strong.
She is strong, you don’t even have to say it.
She just is.
Don’t let anyone tell a man to not be a man.
If he’s full of gusto and bold and brave.
Why put a bridle on a wild horse.
You can’t predefine me!
Let me run and be free.
Never let anyone shame you into being something else.
Never let anyone pervert your mind into something you’re not.
And especially don’t do that to children.
Be who you are without reservation.
Be black, white, hispanic, European, Asian, Hawaiian, and all the flavors that exist.
Don’t put down one another.
Don’t put them in a box that says they can’t do something.
Act like you’ve been there. Be you.
Eliminate words like "privilege" or "underrepresented".
Instead, act like you’ve been there before.
Don’t be a token.
Be a person.
Be who you are and act like you’ve been there before.
Don’t let anyone say you have a silver spoon.
Instead, live a life with a foundation.
Not like the celebrities who are flashy and overbearing.
Live as a person true to your character.
Live as someone your grandparents would be proud of.
Not like what the unknown person in the store window thinks of you.
Be who you are.
Act like you’ve been there.
Don’t get put in a box.
Resist status quo.
Resist following in someone else’s footsteps.
Find your own path.
Be who you are.
Don’t live in a box.

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