Icarus Flew Too Close

  • Play golf during a lightning storm.
  • Swim in shark infested waters
  • Play cards in a rattlesnake den
  • Ride your bike at sunset in mountain lion country

Yes, you think I’m crazy. But people do this all the time. There are other ways we do the same thing.

  • Drive around town at 2 am when the bars close
  • Eat fast food and sugary treats all the time
  • Walk down Bourbon street showing a lot of skin
  • Go out for drinks in an unfamiliar town by yourself

You never blame the victim, but you will surely get burned some day for your choices. Meanwhile, if I never dip a foot in the ocean, only golf on sunny days, and don’t go anywhere near a trail at sunset in mountain lion country, I’ll probably never die due to one of those situations.

People do stupid stuff all the time without thinking about it. Not far down the line is running up credit card debt, living beyond your means, and not saving for retirement. Its just stupid. So don’t do it.

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