Oil Pulling

Day 1 of oil pulling begins.
Photo credit: Nancy Guberti

I am a very routine person. I do things in an exact order throughout my day. Yeah, I’m a type-A, first born, extreme tight-wad. Haha! After 14 years in the military, we live off of routine and tradition. That’s not without throwing a grenade into the mix now and then.

Here is my morning routine with the oil pulling added:
– my Sleep Cycle app wakes me within a 30 minute window from 4:45-5:15 AM as I naturally begin to stir. This way, I’m not waking from a deep sleep all groggy and cranky.
– I get up, put outdoor weather relevant clothes on (but not shoes)
– I open up the gates and release the hounds. They usually jump up on my legs and I pet them.
– I lay my phone by my chair and pick up the dog bowls (so I don’t make a 2nd trip when I get back)
– I turn on my one-cup coffee maker that I pre-set the night before (night routine coming soon)
{- Now, I take a teaspoon full of coconut oil in my mouth and swish it during the walk; I spit it out along the way}
– I go into the laundry room and harness the dogs for a barefoot walk (barefoot is necessary for grounding [earthing]; my negative ions are discharged)
– After a short walk, I grab my coffee and fill the dog bowls.
– I sit down and watch the real news and play a little with social media.
– I take Cassie dog up to the door and she pushes in to jump up on the bed where my wife is reading.
– I get dressed and go to work. Work starts at 6:30 AM.

My first go with the oil pulling was fantastic. I make sure I don’t swallow the coconut oil or it will break my fast. I don’t need breakfast yet. My teeth feel fantastic. And it made my black coffee even more creamy and delicious tasting. I’m a huge fan already! Ben Greenfield adds a bit of probiotic to his mixture in the morning. I may think about that for later.

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