Update: Intermittent Fasting

I got blood work done recently for a health check-up and my glucose and lipids are perfect! I’ve been doing intermittent fasting (IF) with a mostly ketogenic/Paleo base. I will fall off the wagon a bit on the weekends and enjoy myself. But I’m fairly strict during the work week.

I think this is working well. I am actually on a bit of a weight loss journey. Fasting has helped me a lot to maintain, but I’ve stopped losing. I even upped my metabolic conditioning (aka CrossFit) and steady state cardio (aka running, rowing, skiing). But I’m not losing anymore.

So what I’ve done is gone back on Fat Secret. Anytime I start tracking what I eat, regardless of the method (notebook or app), it makes me more conscious of everything I put in my mouth. Fat Secret also includes how much energy you use with your daily activities and sleep. So I think more about being active as well. Then it shows the net loss or gain with a calorie deficit.

My goal was to be to my ideal weight by a couple of weeks from now. I’m a little behind on that. But I think it will steadily increase as my aerobic capacity and fat burning metabolism is triggered on.

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