What’s Up?

I was watching a report on the news this morning and it made me wonder. Young people these days don’t get married, don’t own a house, don’t have babies, don’t seek a pension, and don’t have a savings. The report said that these people are selfish. They don’t have an altruism outside of personal causes that they can swipe into social media. They most certainly don’t give to charity. They don’t believe in a higher power and resist authority. Men are becoming less men. People want co-ed bathrooms. Kids are becoming more passive. There isn’t a desire to expect more out of themselves or their country. They’d much rather have the State dole out what they need. But then they end up in want. They envy those who have, but mask it in hate of greed. When, if given to them freely, they’d happily take free money and free things. Except they would rather not have to work for it or compete for it. Its all a mixed up world.

As bad as all of that sounds to me, it makes me wonder where we’ll be in 10 years.

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