Never Blame the Victim. But…

My neighborhood has a social website using the Nextdoor app. I really appreciate the crime reports and other community information there. But there are things that pop up that are perplexing.

First of all, we want to think we live in a nice neighborhood in a civil society. But the reality is that evil does lurk in the shadows. Evil seeks the easiest opportunity to prey on others.

I just saw a request on Nextdoor that someone’s bike was stolen last night and to let them know if anyone sees it. The first question that always pops up is, "did you leave your bike unsecured outside?" The answer is usually "yes". I know, they shouldn’t be blamed for being a victim. But again, there is evil in this world.

Its crazy in this day that people would leave their car doors unlocked outside. I used to live in rural America where you could leave everything unlocked. We even had neighbors borrow a ladder or other tool and bring it back when they were finished. It was a different time and place. But today, you have to be careful.

When you leave your car door unlocked, the first worry is your garage door opener. Can they get into your house with access to your belongings or, worse yet, your family? When you think of that, its absolutely idiotic to leave your car door unlocked. Next is identity theft. There is a lot of information in your glove box with insurance and vehicle registration and who know’s what. But people even leave wallets, purses, cellphones, and other personal items in their cars….unlocked! So when they say "poor me, someone broke into my car", you have to shake your head in disgust at their idiocy.

To be honest, I thought I was safe living in my Pleasantville. But one dark morning at 5am, I was walking my dogs. Like I always did, I left the garage door open as I walked around the block. I mean, its just 10 minutes and I would be back. One morning as I was walking back up to my house with my two dogs, a car pulls up in front on my house. Two guys get out and start to enter into my garage. I hurried up to catch up to them and yelled "where are you guys going?" They said "we’re just going home". I said "that’s MY home". Then they said something about "oh, I was at the wrong house". Then they ran to their car and sped away. But I got their license plate number and called the police just in case they had already done mischief elsewhere. I’m glad I did because they’ve been on the police’s radar several times in the past. Needless to say, I don’t leave my garage door open anymore.

When you read police blotters about someone getting mugged or hit by a drunk driver. Again, never blame the victim because we all have the right to live in peace. But…. If you are wandering around at 2 O’clock on a warm summer night, evil lurks in the shadows. So if you want to play with fire, you are going to get burned sooner or later. I know, its the old fuddy duddy who goes to bed at 9pm saying these things. But its the truth. Read the statistics.

I think what people lack is common sense. No, I honestly don’t think they have a special trust in human nature that the rest of us don’t have. Its that they are not thinking. Nobody is asking to be a victim. But evil lurks in the shadows. And people are really stupid. You need to be on your guard.

So stay out of the shadows!! Nuff said.

2 thoughts on “Never Blame the Victim. But…”

  1. Interesting thoughts but what really caught my attention was the fact that you were once that person that didn’t think things would happen to you when you left your garage door open. I know I’ve always been inquisitive of people’s intentions and never really trusted anyone. But my husband on the other hand grew up in a small town atmosphere where people left their front doors open. He just plainly trusts that people have good intentions until his bike was stolen out of the back of his truck while we were celebrating his 50th birthday outside with friends. I honestly believe until it happens to you you just don’t see the reality of what our society has come too. Just like you did with your garage door being open. Just something to think about, we learn through experience. Sad but the reality.


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