A Quick Note on Intermittent Fasting

My journey with Intermittent Fasting (IF) is continually evolving. Since dinner is quite often my biggest (and sometimes only) meal of the day, I’m quite full and happy after I eat. And because my stomach seemingly shrinks due to not eating for a long period, my stomach is self restricting how much I eat. I’m not counting calories or managing portion size. It regulates itself.

So what is cool about this dinner thang is that I’m totally satiated. I have zero desire for snacks at night. I think that is where many of us fall short on dieting. Night eating to me is the biggest problem with overeating or unhealthy eating. So if I eat before 530pm, I’ll already have a 12 hour fast when I am up in the morning. I have a cup of coffee or two and I’m easily good for several more hours. But, if I’ve had a hard workout the day before or gone on a run in the heat (like I did yesterday), then its no problem to stop at 13 or 14 hours and grab a bite to eat.

Again, its much better if you can stay ketogenic and not eat sugar or carbs for breakfast. Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’d say its the crappiest and least nutritious meal of the day. Yes, that means cereal, pastries, donuts, pancakes, waffles, bagels, toast, sweetened yogurt, fruit,… but I don’t mind that at all. On a weekend when I’m home, its even better because I could make eggs and sausage. If you miss those sweet carbs, eat them for lunch or dinner instead. But the nutrition value of those treats are very low. So make sure you eat some veggies and protein with them too.

The key here: fasting while you are sleeping curbs any hunger. You wake up fresh as a baby!

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