Intermittent Fasting Update


As of last night, I lost a total of 10 pounds bodyweight. I feel so much better even though I don’t think my looks have changed much. I haven’t measured, but I don’t feel that my proportions have changed. But I certainly feel better. The type of weightloss I’ve undergone to me affects where I deposit fat the most. And for me, unfortunately, is in my visceral organs. Since I’m a very active person who does CrossFit, teaches and participates in Yoga, and does various cardio (run, rowing, ski erg), my skeletal muscles have either increased mass or lost fat. Most of the fat is [at first] unnoticeable because its the fat around my organs. It makes me super happy because I know it will make me much more healthy overall. But I’d sure like to see my six-pack soon, which I think is not-too-far in the future.

Here are some highlights of my journey:
-I’ve cut out night eating and snacking almost completely.
-I am [almost] always never hungry when my fasting clock is up.
-I think better during the day.
-I’ve somewhat shifted my calorie load to lunch rather than just supper.
-The quality of my meals has improved because I know I have to eat healthy.
-A few cheat meals a week haven’t been crazy huge. Just enough to make me happy.

On that latter note, I was the guy who had to have the foot long coney dog with chili, mustard and onions. Now I eat a normal sized hotdog at Sonic, but with the same stuff on it. The other day, I was in a hurry. So I pulled into a Burger King and got a Whopper Jr. instead of some huge burger that I would usually get. And none of this is to punish myself or feel high and mighty about myself; its just because my mindset is changing.

The other huge turnaround is in my soda drinking. Even though I know the research and even though I only did Diet sodas, I never thought about trimming soda out of my diet. I still haven’t. But I’m not buying the 12 or 24 packs of Diet Dr. Pepper. At least not in the last two shopping occasions. And I’m not missing it. Water or tea seem like enough. Its all about the insulin. And while you are not taking in the calories with Diet sodas, the artificial sweeteners can still incite an insulin response even if you are not taking real sugar. So soda is counter to my goals. I’ll still drink something now and then, but I’m not buying it in bulk at the store anymore.

The other habit that is changing is my overall serving size at home. It seems like I always have lunch ready the next day because I’m only eating half of my normal dinner. That has been working out really well. Again, doing so doesn’t feel like I’m shortcutting myself or undergoing a metaphorical self-flagellation. Its just that I know what fills me now and I don’t need that much food. My stomach has seemingly shrunk to a size the doesn’t need a lot to feel satiated.

There really is something to decreasing ghrelin and increasing leptin to regulate hunger and appetite suppression. But don’t you worry about me. I don’t have an eating disorder because I still love the taste of food. Its just that food doesn’t rule my life. Its so easy to do without and get it when I can. The want of food can lead you around like a dog on a leash. It doesn’t have to be that way. I have no doubt I could go a day without food and not really notice it. Its a whole different chemistry in my body because of intermittent fasting.

Take control of your life today!

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