Thai Yoga: Trapezius

I wasn’t able to find a picture of how Thai yoga therapists work the trapezius muscles in Thailand. I suppose I need to make my own demo. The method I learned in school just never worked for me. It felt uncomfortable for me and I’m sure that was sensed by my clients. Also, I suppose I never felt much effect from how my fellow students were practicing on me. It was always wobbly and unstable.

But when I went to Thailand, they all used the same method, whether in Northern Thailand or in Bangkok proper. It was always with knees against the back for the client to rest against. They wrapped and interlace hands around the forehead and leaned the head forward. Then applied double pressure with the forearms into the traps. It felt so amazing. Then, for instance, they would hold the forehead with the left hand and tilt the head left. Then they would roll their right forearm along the traps. I could feel a bump as the forearm would roll over tight muscles.Then they would switch sides. It was super amazing. I became a big believer after that.

Now, the picture that I did find above is something I definitely want to try. I think it would be stable, comfortable, and super effective for traps. I have sessions scheduled this week where I will certainly try this.

If you want to see how this feels for yourself, you can schedule with me anytime. Click the "Book Now" on my Andy Yoga Facebook page.

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