Home Finances Getting So Much Worse

Imagine when you are 40, 50, or 60 years old and you sit down and think about what you’ve squandered in life.

Yes, you may have seen wondrous things you may never see again. You’ve seen sunsets on distant oceans. You’ve experienced the best parties anyone could ever experience. You’ve lived and loved a good life at an early age.

Yet now, you sit down to think. You wonder why you are eating Ramen noodles every day for lunch, alone, in the dump of an apartment that should be condemned.

The element I was thinking of the most the past few days is disability insurance. I mean, many people don’t carry life insurance or even car insurance. Yes, while you are healthy, you can work construction, stocking shelves at Walmart, and maybe even thrive in the fitness industry. You may be living off your health and youthful good looks. But what happens when you get old, you can’t control your weight as easily, and your face wrinkles? What happens when you herniate a disk or your knee blows out? What happens to that job where you need to use your body or good looks? It vanishes. Then what are you going to do?

This is where socialistic ideas create a false fantasy. It makes you think a safety net is there when it really isn’t. If you think the government is going to save you, the reality is that government can’t even save itself. When politicians offer "free" stuff all the time, it makes you think that you can squander all that you have because you are going to be safe. Its not true!

Yes, many think its an old school idea to have a pension, a mortgage, and a successful marriage where you can cover each other with life insurance should something happen. But guess what all of this provides:
-a roof over your head when your mortgage is paid off.
-a consistent income not dependent on the government.
-a backup support system of home care and family who cares for you.

Newer generations today don’t see it this way. They live from paycheck to paycheck and blame rich people for their woes. They don’t get married. They go to college just to delay the inevitable. Instead of being frugal and going to a school in their own town, they have to go to Bali or Switzerland. They don’t really want to be an adult yet. Then they are hampered with mountains of debt that maybe they get out from under by the age of 35. Many don’t. They save money and then blow it on extravagant vacations. Then they wonder why they are in such debt.

Somehow the idea of safety and financial security is a past-time. The government is always there to help them out. They are living the dream. When, in a decade or two, they’ll realize where they’ve gone wrong. I’ll probably be there to say I told you so. But I’ll try to not say anything because you don’t kick a person when they are down. I really feel sorry for people.

3 thoughts on “Home Finances Getting So Much Worse”

    1. A good vision for what someone wants in life is the best start. Then make a budget to reach those goals and stick to it. Its better if you don’t even see the money you are saving. Have it taken out pre-tax into a 401b or other plan. Or have an auto-deduction through your bank to an IRA. What you don’t see, you don’t think about. Budget for a vacation and stick to the budget. Pre-plan everything as much as possible. And most of all, don’t use credit for anything. Get out of debt and stay out of debt. Paying interest on anything is such a waste of money. If you use a Rewards credit card, be sure to pay it off everything and stay within your budget. That’s where I’d start.

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