Why Bunions?

Do ever wonder why an exorbitant amount of women get bunions and men do not? The picture tells the story. That’s not to say that men don’t wear tight, pointy shoes too. But its usually without a major heel lift.

The better idea is to go barefoot more often. Wearing wider shoes helps too. Keens and New Balance are well known for having wider toe boxes. Yeah, maybe its not as fashionable to wear Mary Janes. But would you rather have this?:

Your feet are the foundation for your life. Of all things on your body, they should be treated the best of all. Unhealthy feet produce unhealthy lives. Activities like yoga, Tai-chi, and walking barefoot on the beach does wonders for your feet.

5 thoughts on “Why Bunions?”

    1. Thank you for your response. But I would beg to differ. One study from 2010 surveyed Chinese females with hallux valgus and found that high-heeled shoes were not a factor in its development (The Foot and Ankle Online Journal 3 (5): 3 ). But numerous other studies in the U.S. showed there is a strong relationship between hallux valgus and high-heeled wearing women. Here are two, the latter from 2016:
      Nguyen, U-SDT, et al. “Factors associated with hallux valgus in a population-based study of older women and men: the MOBILIZE Boston Study.” Osteoarthritis and cartilage 18.1 (2010): 41-46.
      Menz, Hylton B., et al. “Epidemiology of shoe wearing patterns over time in older women: associations with foot pain and hallux valgus.” Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biomedical Sciences and Medical Sciences 71.12 (2016): 1682-1687.


    2. Also, I would quote research from original sources. News editors are not scientists and they are terrible at interpreting peer reviewed journals. Whereas a scientist can wade through the muck and find the truth.


  1. Oh and the Nguyen author has more studies of the 20 something age group. So its not just older women. But its in older women where you see the results of wearing bad footwear over time.


    1. The paper you cite does draws attention to several issues for women and their foot health, as well as men. Obviously wearing heels isn’t kind to your feet long term, but what’s more worrying to me is the paper draws attention to how women’s shoes are generally more poorly made than men’s, no doubt to keep us shopping. But poor construction suggests poor support and fit, which create issues too.


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