Its not Tendonitis

The poor little tendons always get a bad rap. Then people want to mash on them when its not their fault.

I’ve told this story before. When you get tightening in your muscles, resulting in trigger points, the muscle shortens and stays shortened. That’s the answer. You don’t have to read further.

But if you insist, muscles stretch much further than a tendon ever could. A tendon only stretches to 2-5% of its length, which is not very far. A tendon’s function is to attach a muscle to a bone. Its function is not to stretch. It needs to be very firm and solid to the bone.

But we tend to want to rub all over it and blame it for our woes. Yeah, sometimes you feel pain in the tendon. So we call it inflammation of the tendon, or "tendonitis". When really it doesn’t have much to do with the tendon at all. Its the muscle that is shortened that is pulling with all its might against the tendon. Then, when we try to function by walking, squatting, or whatever we do, we feel it in the tendon. When the problem is a muscle that has shortened and seized into that position.

If you work out the trigger point through massage, heat, and stretching, then the tendon pain will go away. Its as simple as that. It can be released in a single massage session or may take some extra work to release. But I promise you it will release and you won’t have pain in your tendon anymore.

Click on the "Book Now" button on my Facebook page to find healing. Thai Yoga Massage was made for this. Not only do I use focused pressure at the trigger point, but I also stretch it to get the muscle fibers gliding properly again. Come see me!!

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