Thai Yoga sequence

Much like teaching yoga, I have a basic sequence I follow for Thai yoga massage, but I find a lot of tangents along the way. It all depends on what a client’s body is telling me. Each has a very different story.

Not long ago, I found myself working 3 things at once. I often do 2 things at once. As an outsider, you might say that not having a single focal point dilutes the effect. But I strongly beg to differ.

The key is proprioception. If someone has a significant issue, say like a hip flexor. When you begin to manipulate that area, your brain often yells “CAUTION!!” and tends to seize or ward against pressure. Its the way it protects itself. If a muscle you are working on contracts, it nullifies what you are doing. But, if you can put pressure on an antagonist or even unrelated area, your brain doesn’t know how to handle it. It confuses it into releasing the place you want to work. Thai yoga massage was made for this distraction.

So, I was working the ilioicostalis, the psoas, and gluteus maximus all at once. I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just happened. Its so cool that the Thai Yoga asanas set us up for these situations. You just let it all flow together. It is such an effective way to treat pain.

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