Sissy Squats

I call them sissy squats, but they are really just feet close together squats. Yesterday, one of my WODs was a 6 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of 15 sissy squats and 10 dips. I did the sissy squats elevated on a 2×4" with my heels together with only bodyweight. Each rep was with butt to heels, which is the part that makes it so painful.

My main goal is to get better muscle ups, so the dips was a focal point. But you can’t deny this leg movement. My gym is in my basement and it was a struggle to get up the stairs. My vastus medialis is on fire today. But even my outer quads are fried.

This is really good for the ladies. But for men as they age, butt and legs are where most of the muscle mass wastes away. When those two are lost, power is lost too. Then you die 🙂

Tom Platz would be proud – pictured.

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