Politics are Vile

I lost more friends to politics during the last election. I know I’ll lose more in this election. I can already see it coming.

Here are a few lessons I’ve learned:
-you rarely change someone’s mind. So why do you try?
-politics represent the root of our essence. So when you hurl stones at the values of a candidate, those stones often miss their target and hit your friends.
-are your political beliefs worth losing a friendship over?

We are not monolithic in thought. I’ll be in a group of people and someone will say something deeply one-sided and just assumes everyone agrees. We always need to remember there are differing views out there.

I haven’t decided if I will turn the other cheek or confront people who attack. I think instead of doing a road rage and confronting immediately, I’ll need a 24 hour rule. Then I’ll decide if I should let it pass or tell them how they’ve hurt me. To me, flaming on social media is never a good policy. Instead, everyone should stand face to face and get ready to be punched if needed. That’s when a flame has consequences.

Without stating my side, I think there shouldn’t be POWER in politics. Our elected representatives are supposed to represent US. There should be term limits. There should never be careers in politics. I think having a job in society is more important than having experience in politics. Nobody should have experience in politics. They are the people’s representatives seeking to do well by their constituents. They should never have their sights on re-election. They should only be thinking about how they can help us and then move on. There shouldn’t be career politicians.

2 thoughts on “Politics are Vile”

  1. Very sad, but a common occurance. We have to think of the days before social media, where we couldn’t hide behind a snide comment. Take a break from FB and Twitter. WordPress is nice because it weeds out a lot of people who can’t tolerate a lot of writing, so if they do have a differing political opinion they have enough intelligence to not use that as a basis to end your friendship. Nothing is permanent. Leaders who eat Big Macs all day and shout at the TV scientifically have a short shelf life. Hang in there!


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