Feels Like the First Time

My senility was raging strong last night. I had an 8pm Thai yoga massage scheduled, but showed up at 7pm. I even set an alarm to get there on time (but alas it was the wrong time). Go figure.

So I set up and was ready to go when I realized this. Someone in the studio said they’d like to try it out since they had nothing to do. So that’s what we did. They had never received Thai Yoga Massage before. My feeling is that it went over really well. I’m always happy how that works.

I know I’m super biased, but Thai Yoga Massage is my favorite modality. I still love other modalities too. I think they all do great for whatever purpose. One thing about Thai Yoga is that it is active and requires consciousness of the client. Whereas, I can pretty much fall asleep in other modalities. But I’m OK with that. Each serves a purpose.

One thing about Thai Yoga Massage is that even if someone comes in feeling totally healthy, there is always something in our bodies that needs healing. Sometimes I’ll find a knot or a tight fiber in a muscle and the client will be like "oh yeah" (insert: I did this or that to myself recently). I cover everything so I can usually find an issue. We all need it when we can get it.

If you are local to the Champaign-Urbana area, sign up for a session with me.
See "Andy Yoga" on Facebook and click the book now. Or visit AndyYoga.com

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