Weightlifting Cycle

And by “weightlifting”, I don’t mean just lifting weights. I mean the sport of Olympic weightlifting (snatch and clean & jerk).

Quite frankly, my working out lately has been intuitive and based on the activities in my life. I’m fine with that and its nice to feel like my efforts meet my needs. But this kind of plan lacks direction. There are no goals involved. I don’t have anything big on the horizon to make me find that direction, so maybe that should be my first goal: to plan an event. But I’m not sure about that yet. I’ll see what comes up.

I decided to follow what looks like an Olympic weightlifting program starting right away. However, its not just for Olympic weightlifting. It could be a powerlifting goal or strongman or something else. Or it could be reaching toward a couple goals each month. Regardless, the plan will work. Here it is:

Week 1: higher reps; hard CrossFit wods; buy-ins and buy-outs
Week 2: heavy CrossFit wods; more triples; hangs & powers
Week 3: Bulgarian WL; singles, pauses, deficits, holds; cardio CF
Week 4: quality taper; technique; CF skills; yoga goats; MAX LIFT FRIDAY!

Initially, my goals are going to be very basic. I’m thinking like max bench press, max jerk, and max deadlift. I also need to get back to muscle ups and other things. But this will be a good re-start for me.

I hope this helps you consider your training as well. Maybe you already do something similar. But we have a lot to gain from a WL style program. I keeps us from the same old rut. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

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