Secret to Healthy Skin

Healthy skin comes more from what you do on the inside than what you do on the outside.

Think about it, what is skin? In biochemistry, we know that eukaryotic membranes are made of a bilayer of lipid molecules. They hold fluids inside of our bodies. We are really bag of chemicals held in by calcium scaffolding known as myofascia. But the outer layer is skin.

Wanna have terrible skin? Go Fat Free. That’s a sure way to have unhealthy skin. Then, Fat Free people need to buy loads of chemical lotions and potions to make their skin look healthy. Their fingernails and toenails start to deteriorate. And their hair falls apart. Yeah, go Fat Free if you want to look unhealthy.

Healthy fats along with a balanced diet are what makes our skin look beautiful. You don’t need to spend $100 a month on products with fancy marketing that result in failure. Its like lipstick on a pig. Don’t fake it. Instead, eat good fats.

Exercise is key as well. A healthy metabolism is the way you make the machine work. Sweating keeps our pores open and healthy. And get out in the sun. Healthy doses of sunlight helps our bacterial gut flora to synthesize Vitamin D which in turn creates strong bones and healthy skin.

Long story short, I was hoping the Fat Free Fad had gone away. But I still hear people who look for low fat products. And I was just told by someone to contact them if I want healthy skin. Huh? Yeah right? I know the secret and its not what you put on the outside. You can douse yourself with coconut oil and it won’t ever match a healthy bi-lipid layer created from eating healthy fats.

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