Never say “Never”

Dana White once said that we would never have women fight in the UFC.

Someone probably said (and still says) "we will never have a man on the moon" (or woman).

There are a lot of things people say—

I see so many friends struggle in life. I see a lot on social media. They pigeon hole themselves into this or that. They think they have to meet other people’s expectations, or what sponsors could potentially find as unsponsorable character, or afraid to show weakness. The latter is the main thing. Most people only post what puts them in a good light. They don’t show their struggles or misgivings or failures.

But when we DO share those things, it makes us truly human. Being self-effacing and humble are very admirable and endearing characters.

Don’t put yourself into a box. Don’t ever say "I’ll never wear red again". Because then, if you are a person of worthwhile character, you’ll stick to your word and never be able to wear red again. Never say "I’ll never shop here again" or "eat at that restaurant again" or "drive to Orlando again". Then sometime down the road, you might just want to eat and shop at that place in Orlando while wearing red.

Instead, find freedom in everything. Its all a State of Mind. Always be open to everything. Show the parts of you that you are afraid to show. Who cares what your boss, your Ex, or your teacher thinks? Just be yourself. People will love you more for being who you are.

And most of all, SMILE! You don’t always have to take yourself so seriously. There are social media darlings who never smile in their pictures. You see these dudes who want to appear tough who always have a stern look on their face with a muscle shirt on sitting on a Harley. Don’t be that person. I mean, if that’s who you really are, then I’m sorry for that bug that crawled up inside of you. Maybe someday you’ll drink some prune juice and get rid of that thang.

Never say "Never". Always be open to what life gives you. And show your vulnerability.

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