I’ve been happier now as a yoga teacher than I have ever been. I have a deep connection with my students, which makes sense since yoga means “yoked”. We are truly together in this journey.

I especially love when we can be vulnerable with each other. We can’t pretend that we all have perfect lives. We can’t act like we don’t have struggles. So we spend time on our mats together sorting these things out. Its a safe place where we can share.

During this season when joy is all around us, there is sadness too. Because we know each other and we are friends, we should be open to share when we are down. Don’t be afraid to approach someone after yoga practice and ask if they will talk with you. We are already softened and open to receive. So it is the perfect time for a heart-to-heart with a friend who cares. We are never alone.

Happy Holidays to all my friends!


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