WOD 181211

Lately I’ve had a love hate with IF (intermittent fasting):

waking up to a cup of coffee and not worrying about anything else
getting my work groove on and not worrying about lunch
being mentally alert all morning with no insulin crashes
the thought of burning fat for 18+ hours
feasting on food when I get home from work
not sweating a big snack before bed.

HATE (more "dislike", but goes better with love):
being a little HANGRY when I get home from work
being too tired to want to workout right away after coming home

having an insulin crash after I eat and not wanting to do anything
maybe not getting my workout in

Here are some solutions to my issues:
This morning I did a short WOD, which is enough when you go all out* – takes 5-15 min
An early WOD could also be a steady state cardio, like rowing, running, or skiing
The early workout makes me feel accomplished and boosts my metabolism into fasted cardio
I’ll try to eat something when I leave work; then I can do a workout when I get home
Since I did a WOD, I can focus this on Olympic weightlifting and accessory bodybuilding
An early shower also makes me feel good
A post-p.m.-workout hot tub with foaming salts is the ticket to true happiness.

*my WOD this morning was a 6 min Cindy:
AMRAP (as many rounds as possible of)
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats

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