Communication Breakdown

Communication breakdown
It’s always the same
I’m having a nervous breakdown
Drive me insane!

Led Zeppelin had it right. Its so difficult when you can’t get through to someone.

Do you ever notice that you can text some people and they bounce it right back? Its like they were sitting right next to you. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who has my phone by my side for every beckoned moment. But when I get a text, if it doesn’t require me to look something up or check in with other people, then I respond rather quickly. When I’m driving, I try my best to wait until I get off the road. But I’m fairly responsive. At least I’ll given them a "I’ll get back with you".

Email is usually a whole lot worse. Especially for the texting generation, email is something of a snail’s method for talking. For some people, I may be lucky to ever get a response by email.

Facebook messenger? Its such a clunky program. I try my best to respond, but I don’t always know if its to my personal account or my business account. I may wait to respond until I get to a desktop. Or, unfortunately, it gets lost since once its read, I may forget to go back to it. But I try.

Twitter? I don’t really use it. I’ve responded when I need to. But I don’t usually ever open it up. My WordPress blog messaging is the worst. I try to respond but, again, its a really clunky program, especially on a desktop or laptop.

What surprises me the most is that the people who are in the texting generation are often the most difficult to get a response. I think those of us who grew up finger dialing a rotary landline, we are the best at getting back to people. We didn’t even have answering machines way back when, so we HAD to pick up the phone. But these younger folk are not often quick to respond.

To me, everything comes down to priorities. People will make it to work or a college class on time. But they will be late to meet with you by 10-15 minutes no matter what. You are just not that important to them. If I text someone, I may get a response a day later. But if I said I had something free and a big time celebrity was going to be there, they’d respond in a second. Its about priorities.

Where are your priorities? Do your closest friends matter to you more than your family? Are you punctual to everything because that’s who you are? Or maybe for some people, its OK to be fashionably late. For me, I’d rather be punctual all the time. I’d rather be consistent in my responses with people. Its because I respect others enough that I feel I owe them that as a friend.

Be true to yourself first. Set your values in life and stick by them. But don’t make your values optional. Have the strength of character to be strong in mind. Don’t let yourself down by not abiding by your own code for life.


I’ve been happier now as a yoga teacher than I have ever been. I have a deep connection with my students, which makes sense since yoga means “yoked”. We are truly together in this journey.

I especially love when we can be vulnerable with each other. We can’t pretend that we all have perfect lives. We can’t act like we don’t have struggles. So we spend time on our mats together sorting these things out. Its a safe place where we can share.

During this season when joy is all around us, there is sadness too. Because we know each other and we are friends, we should be open to share when we are down. Don’t be afraid to approach someone after yoga practice and ask if they will talk with you. We are already softened and open to receive. So it is the perfect time for a heart-to-heart with a friend who cares. We are never alone.

Happy Holidays to all my friends!


Crime in my Town

I receive all the local police blotters and crime info through Facebook. I see mug shots and descriptions of wanted individuals.

Is it weird that a majority of the men who are wanted are UNDER 155 pounds and the women are OVER 180 pounds?

I’m not sure what that says about crime in our society.

WOD 181211

Lately I’ve had a love hate with IF (intermittent fasting):

waking up to a cup of coffee and not worrying about anything else
getting my work groove on and not worrying about lunch
being mentally alert all morning with no insulin crashes
the thought of burning fat for 18+ hours
feasting on food when I get home from work
not sweating a big snack before bed.

HATE (more "dislike", but goes better with love):
being a little HANGRY when I get home from work
being too tired to want to workout right away after coming home

having an insulin crash after I eat and not wanting to do anything
maybe not getting my workout in

Here are some solutions to my issues:
This morning I did a short WOD, which is enough when you go all out* – takes 5-15 min
An early WOD could also be a steady state cardio, like rowing, running, or skiing
The early workout makes me feel accomplished and boosts my metabolism into fasted cardio
I’ll try to eat something when I leave work; then I can do a workout when I get home
Since I did a WOD, I can focus this on Olympic weightlifting and accessory bodybuilding
An early shower also makes me feel good
A post-p.m.-workout hot tub with foaming salts is the ticket to true happiness.

*my WOD this morning was a 6 min Cindy:
AMRAP (as many rounds as possible of)
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats