Senseless Deaths

When a woman decided to keep driving at full speed when a school bus is stopped with lights flashing and "stop" arm extended, bad things happen. Three children were killed and another child badly injured.

Near my house, there is a railroad crossing. It is close to a busy intersection. And there is a sign that says "Stop here at line". Another says "No Turn on Red". But people routinely drive over the tracks and turn right like its their option to not obey.

You see all over the place silly signs that say don’t do this or that. But the reason for the sign was because somebody did the stupid thing they are warning against. People really are stupid. If you ever watch Cops, you’ll see how stupid people really are. I feel sorry that police officers face people who lie, cheat, and steal every day. And then they try to justify their actions or say they didn’t do it. If I could make a citizens arrest, I would make a dozen arrests a day.

Across the street from me, a house was opened as a VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner). I knew that couldn’t be a good thing. Its a little different when you have a Bed & Breakfast (or even a Air B&B). Often, the owners live there or its a rental either attached or within their own home. They actually care for their home and their community. But for someone who buys a house just to open it as a VRBO and doesn’t live there, they could care less about the neighborhood. So what happened this past Friday night around 2am Saturday morning, I was awoken by slamming car doors and subwoofers blaring. I was tired and didn’t want to deal with it. So I laid there until about 4am when I finally went downstairs and opened my front door. I yelled at them to be quiet and that I was calling the police. I’m SO lucky to live in a very quiet, decent neighborhood. We are kind of petty about being proud of manicured lawns and keeping things clean. Having that kind of neighborhood keeps your property values. And when you are paying for a 30 year mortgage, you want to keep all the value you can. When I drove by the next morning, these people with their subwoofers dropped lots of trash right on the driveway. I never drop trash out of my car. Its not how I was raised. Their cars were beaten up and didn’t have hubcaps. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that. But people in my neighborhood are the types who call their insurance company to get bodywork for a ding on their cars. It just doesn’t happen. I mean, you have money to buy subwoofers but you don’t have enough to buy a hubcap. It tells you about a person.

We have laws for a reason. People have done something seriously stupid, people tell their city officials or congressional representatives, and then a law is enacted. I was talking with a friend from an island country in SE Asia. They said that stop lights are optional there. They aren’t enforced or obeyed. I’m supposed to go to Thailand next year. I saw reports that say when the light turns green, wait a few seconds because people will keep flying through the intersection. When laws aren’t obeyed or enforced, bad things happen. If you don’t like a law, then get it changed. Meanwhile, 3 little children are dead. Some lady decided she didn’t want to obey a law.

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