Fall Workout Groove

My workouts have been strange this Fall. To be honest, Fall isn’t my season. I love Summer when you can walk outside barefoot and not needing extra clothes. I love to sit outside and enjoy the hot sun. Fall means the days grow shorter. I go to work and its dark. I come home and its dark. I hardly see the sun unless I get out over lunch. It makes me very S.A.D.

So this Fall, what is usually intense CrossFit workouts and lots of creative movements…now turns into quality movements that warm to a possible crescendo.

Usually, I walk downstairs to my gym (or box) and have some either powerlifting or bodybuilding movement planned. Often its bench press, squats, or deadlifts. If I have some gumption, it might lead into Olympic weightlifting. The Oly lifts require a lot more mental willpower and body awareness than powerlifting. I can powerlifting or do bodybuilding movements anytime I want. But Olympic lifts require so much more of me. And I may do a WOD but those are far in between anymore. My cardio is more steady state with running, rowing, or ski erging. I lack the explosive energy that things like CrossFit or Strongman requires. Instead, its more of an even groove.

What has been interesting for me is my excitement for the steel mace. I’ve been flowing more and enjoying learning some new movements. Realistically, I’d love to turn dance-like movements into hula hooping or pole dancing. But the learning curve is steep for me in those realms. Instead, these movements fit better for me with Mace Flows and Tai-Chi. So I’m focusing on those more right now. I just bought a smaller 10# mace that I will receive tomorrow. Then I can work my technique without the extra weight of my 15 pounder. Believe me, 10# will wipe you out.

Also, I am traveling to Thailand in February. Among other things, I’d love to do Tai-Chi at Lumphini Park in Bangkok with the group. It would be such a thrill to join in.

Other things on the horizon, I’m teaching a Yoga for Back Pain workouts on Dec 1. I’d like to have my body in good shape for that. Then a Yoga Arm Balance and Inversions workshop in January. So I’d like to be a little leaner to do things more efficiently. I’d like to do the CrossFit Open if its still happening in Feb too.

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