I was remembering the time when I was in the Army Reserves. Before my drill weekend, I always cut my hair to standard, which is how I wear it to this day. However this time, the attachment that keeps the length to like 1/2 inch or something popped off while I was cutting. So instead of 1/2", it cut a swatch down to the skin. Haha, I got patched!!

Man, the guys I drilled with were from Detroit, all Drill Sergeants like me, and they were brutal. I mean, they’ll rip a guy worse than you’ve ever seen in grade school. So, I kept my hat on as much as I could, but you can’t wear a hat indoors unless you are carrying a weapon, are wearing a Drill Sergeant smokey bear hat, or on KP (kitchen patrol). I mean, this was a bad patch. So I ended putting black shoe polish on my scalp to camouflage my patch. Fortunately, nobody ever said anything.

Well, wouldn’t you know. It happened again. This past weekend, I was in a rush. I decided I’d shave my face and just run my clippers over my head. Then, my attachment popped off and I patched myself. I mean, who cares about old dudes anyway? Our hair looks goofy as is. So I just trimmed my hair down really short all over; like close to bald. But nobody said anything, so no big deal. Its still a little embarrassing to do something so silly again. I didn’t use shoe polish this time.

(pic: not me, but looked like this)

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