Pec Update

I was telling you how I had my pectoralis major (right chest) worked on this past Friday. It was a required received session of Thai Yoga Massage before my training weekend. He compressed, stretched, worked on antagonistic muscles, and muscle liberated (using a massage tool that looks like a jigsaw). My chest muscle was so sore over the weekend through Monday.

On Mondays, I usually do bench presses and other chest work. So that’s what I did. The first bench press reps even at 60 kg felt tenuous. I could still feel the pain a little in my chest and shoulder. But after a few more reps, I started to open up a lot. I used to compensate for the pain by actually lifting my head off the bench when I lifted. I got up to 110 kg and didn’t feel the pain that I usually felt. I’m so amazed!!! I need to have someone give another few sessions on it and I think I’ll be completely healed. I’m also devising ways I can work on it myself.

I’m so exciting to begin this next stage of my Thai yoga journey. I am branding what I do as Thai Yoga Therapy. It does violate in purely yoga terms the use of the word “therapy” by Yoga Alliance. But it also stays somewhat away from the soft tissue work of “massage” or “bodywork”. And, essentially, what I do is not really relaxation like going to a spa. Its actually working toward healing bodies. Even bodies that are seemingly healthy need myofascial release and lymphatic drainage. So “therapy” seems like the best term to use.

Enjoy life my friends. My free sessions end mid-December so get in to see me soon. I am thinking about discounted rates for members of the yoga studio where I teach and do sessions.

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