Just Say No to Credit Cards

So, I was at Home Depot picking up some things. I was in a really good mood since I also had a full belly of Thai food that made me all warm and cozy. So when I got to the checkout, I showed my license with proof that I’m a Veteran for my discount. Its one reason why I prefer Home Depot these days.

This bubbly checkout fellow said, "how would like $25 off on your order?"

I replied, "why not!".

Then he asks for my social security number. I usually have my guard up since the military is trying to remove the need to use your SSN# to protect our security. I have a duffel bag from Army basic training that has my full name on it and SSN# marked on it with Sharpie permanent marker. That thing used to go through airports and anyone could write down my info. Nowadays, you have to watch out. I’ve since marked out my SSN# on that duffel bag.

What I didn’t realize, though my wife did [and she didn't say anything], was that I was signing up for a store credit card…

So here is one of my rules in life that I learned the hard way when I was young, don’t have more than one credit card. Only use one with good reward points. Always pay it off. Try to never use it if you can. I say that tongue & cheek because its what I use for Amazon and I use Amazon a lot!! But never carry a balance on your card. You may have your Bank ATM debit card as a backup. But use that even less because there is less protection from someone draining your bank account.

Yeah, I got my $25 off, which is kind of OK in my book. And I suppose the small print somewhere that I wasn’t shown and apparently didn’t ask for probably says I need to hold this card to keep my discount. Now, somewhere down the road, I’ll have to remember to cancel this account. What a pain!!!

Don’t sign up for credit cards. You don’t need a good credit rating. You’ll get one anyway if you pay off your credit card every month and keep in good stead with your bank. And make all your mortgage payments on time. And buy cars with cash from savings and not credit. Build your savings. Build your retirement. I can’t say that enough. When you get to be as old as I am, you’ll start wondering, will I have to take odd jobs to make ends meet when I’m 70? Will I end up sorting through the stale bread bin for meals? Will I have to buy a double wide trailer and live out on Federal land without a pension or health benefits? You don’t want to be asking those questions of yourself when you are 70. Believe me!

2 thoughts on “Just Say No to Credit Cards”

  1. I always use Home Depot too, so I can get my Veteran discount! I also have the credit card because you get 0% financing on home improvements. Helps take away the stress from this homeowner!


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