Scaling CrossFit: Leave your ego at the door

I was just talking with a friend about the Yin and Yang of Yoga & CrossFit. One comforts your body, the other rakes it over the coals. I used to have a real muscle head mind set about most things. I wouldn’t allow softness to creep into my life. Yeah, I did Tai-Chi and other things to keep me centered. But most of me wanted to sweat. I always sought a challenge.

This was my wod last night:
4 rounds for time
Trap bar jumping squats 135# 10x
Pushups on the low rings 10x
Cable close grip rows 10x
Sit ups 10x

I initially had this programmed at 15 reps per exercise. Then I thought, 10 should be fine. And it was more than fine for me. My goal in a wod is not to focus on strength. A metcon is made to make your heart beat. Don’t get me wrong, I love cardio. But cardio doesn’t do it like CrossFit does. There is that undeniable strength component along with the skill and quality of moving well. There are times when I was a road runner, even stepping up on a curb was a huge obstacle. Instead, add real obstacles like pullups and a heavy barbell clean and now you’ve got a CrossFit workout. Its what makes it so different.

Always have a goal. Have an intention for what you are doing. If you intention for a yoga session is to find peace, then do that. If it is to build specific strength, do that too. For CrossFit, I’m not out to set any records. I still set a timer so that I’m always held accountable to myself. But I’m not comparing my time to others. I don’t need that anymore. I just need to compete with myself. If my muscles burn for 8 minutes and I collapse into a sweaty heap on the floor, I know I’ve done good for myself. And that’s the goal.

Don’t let ego be your goal. Accomplish small victories. Pat yourself on the back. And move to the next.

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