I Haven’t Changed

I’ve posted throwback pics of myself in recent times and its funny to read the comments. I ask "where has that young man gone?" And the reply is, "he’s still inside of you". Well, I initially pass that off as cliche. Then I think, yes that is surely true. I’m the same man I was when I was 20 or 30. He’s still inside of me.

This becomes very true when I’m acting silly. A song comes on that makes my booty shake and that’s what I do. I run up and down the stairs at home like I’m 10 years old. I sing at the top of my lungs while driving my car with the music as loud as my speakers can keep their quality. I wear funny things around the house. Nothing has changed.

And, more importantly, I haven’t changed at my core. All silliness aside, I still have the same character that my parents instilled in me. I learned right from wrong, sometimes the hard way. My parents were parents. They weren’t supposed to be friends or people who let me slide because we’re related. Much was expected of me and I had a high standard to follow. Characteristics of goodness, love, honor, respect,…nothing has changed. I’m the same.

Maybe some people need to evolve. Maybe some people were raised in turbulent homes. Maybe some people weren’t given a sound morale compass early in life. Yes, maybe they need to evolve. But for those of us raised with a firm foundation, we don’t have to evolve. We are already who we were made to be. I am not "progressive" because what am I going to "progress" to? I already had love and respect for everyone. I already knew what it meant to have honor for myself and others. I don’t need to change.

Yes, that young man is still inside of me…even into my 50’s. Maybe some of my toys have changed. I still lift weights and run. But I learned some old man hobbies too, like fly fishing and kayaking. But I’ve also learned to pole dance, hula hoop, paddleboard, and do acro yoga. There is always something new to learn. But the playfulness hasn’t changed. Its all about learning new playfulness. Its what keeps me in the mind of that young man.

It shouldn’t take a conscious effort to be young. It is a natural state of mind. You don’t have to slide into a polyester suit and wear old person shoes. You can wear Daisy Dukes and be barefoot too. It doesn’t matter your age.

Be young always! Be who you have always been! Don’t evolve. Evolving is for old people! Stay young!

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