Warrior Diet update

I’ve been on the Warrior Diet with a mostly Paleo bent more rigorously for the past few months. I’ve slowly lost 7 pounds and feel like my strength and mass gains have remained. I also feel better all the time. I don’t worry about breakfast or lunch. And I feast for dinner (sometimes). Other times I eat a fairly moderately sized meal.

Or I might have a salad or bowl of rice and then eat bigger later.

I follow a Paleo-ish diet that is mostly veggies and meat. I’ve greatly reduced all starches and don’t eat any breads, pastas, and very little fruit. My one vice is rice, which is a nice filler for me. If I teach a vigorous yoga class, I don’t eat until after class, which means about 830pm at night. I go to bed a 9pm and feel like I fall asleep better like this. And I wake up feeling no hunger. I also have a very regular post-buttal evacuation every morning. Its all perfectly timed 🙂

Here is research I just read:

The Warrior Diet
This diet schedule is another variation of the daily fast and is one step more extreme than the LeanGains diet. The Warrior Diet promotes a single, healthy meal per day (typically dinner). It claims that this pattern of eating is in sync with humans’ circadian rhythm and will promote general health while “removing harmful toxins from the body”. To our knowledge, there is no scientific evidence supporting these claims.
In a study by Stote et al., participants of normal weight consumed adequate energy to maintain body weight in one meal per day or 3 meals per day for 8 wks (Stote et al., 2007). Despite consumption of the same number of calories, participants lost weight during the 1 meal per day period vs. the 3 meal per day period. In fact, fat mass was significantly reduced (p < 0.001) and lean body mass tended to be greater (p = 0.06) after 8 wks of 1 meal per day.

I know this isn’t for everyone. But it makes life so much simpler. Yeah, if I’m working out hard or if I teach Rocket or Hot yoga, I’m a little bit more hungry the next day. Sometimes, I’m just plain HANGRY by dinner. But that’s OK. I know those are the times when I’m burning the most fat. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat. And sometimes, I become a glutton during feeding time. But that’s OK too. Just as long as I don’t eat more than my daily intake. I haven’t calculated what that is recently, but it must be around 1,800 calories. Some days a lot less.

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