Rocket 3 this Saturday!

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I may have to finally admit that I have allergies. I think I caught a cold on top of an allergy and I wanted to just say it was a cold. But I may have allergies. I don’t know. Maybe next year I can tell you more clearly. Regardless, I’ve now had a lung full of gunk for about 3 weeks. I still have nasty, productive coughs. I’m nearly back to full health and have been working out a lot. But that cough is still there.

My workouts have reached another level. I change my workouts a lot. Every 1-3 months I’ll do something different. It all depends on my currents goals and what I’d like to accomplish. Here is my current plan:

2-Day Split (nearly daily)
Day 1: ski erg, Snatch, push movements + Squat
Day 2: rowing, Clean & Jerk, pull movements + Deadlift

Phase I: Start with a WOD. I’ll stick to the movements for the day.
Phase II: Olympic weightlifting (snatch or C&J)
Phase III: Accessory powerlifting and bodybuilding, push or pull

As you can see, this is a lot. My WODs fit the 5-15 minute range (avg 8 min). They aren’t aimed to kill me but get me in that glycolytic pathway. I do these without a lot of warmup. They are couplets, triplets, or even chippers. If often follow the classic 21-15-9 format. But AMRAPs work too.

Since I’d like to keep going every day if I can, I don’t completely wipe myself out. I hope to be isotonic or mildly sore for 24-48 hours, but no longer than that. And I need to be able to function as a yoga teacher.

This week, I’m teaching Rocket 3. I’ve been traveling a bit, so I’ve had subs now and then for Rocket. So I thought Rocket 3 "happy hour" was in order. Thanks to Kristin W. who subbed last week. I hope you all are enjoying a warm, sunny summer!

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