When Rocket Yogis Leave

Being in a college town means that many of my students end up leaving. It has happened a lot over my years of teaching and I miss each and every one of them. They all had something special about themselves that made their Rocket unique. I always wonder if it made them grow in some special way.

I had a large class by Rocket standards this past Saturday. I mean large because a dozen plus people doing arm balance and inversions and going to the wall for poses is a lot. Its very different from other classes. I love the energy of a class full of yogis.

One of my best yogis told me that it would be her last class before leaving for China. It made me so sad because I’ve seen her grow a lot. She invited me to visit China and teach my philosophy. I was flattered, but didn’t know how that would work out. But when I started talking to her, I was amazed. Her Master’s degree at the University is in Kinesiology. And she is actually studying research on Yoga and impacts in preventative medicine. She described her studies on yoga. She also has taught yoga herself for 5 years. She organized yoga in Nanjing, a town of 8 million people!!! Yeah, I said that right. So she does have incredible influence.

I haven’t sprung this on my other half yet. But I’m wondering if my trip to Thailand next year could include passing through Nanjing? It sounds amazing to me. I would spread my philosophy of Rocket Yoga.

What she said was different about my class from any other was my positivity. She likes how I encourage people to do their best. In the face of poses that are not possible for everyone, I still challenge them to try. I embrace that compliment because that is exactly what I try to do. If I was too much of an Ashtanga disciplinarian, people wouldn’t return to my class. It would always seem impossible to them. I like for everyone to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Anything is possible.

Yes, I could talk to many people about my ideas for yoga. It would be more than a pleasure for me. I’ve spoken to large crowds, though maybe not millions. Haha!! I’m up for any challenge.

Where will your Rocket take you today? Whatever your ambitions are, find your path, take baby steps, and make small gains. In time,you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

I will miss this Yogi, who I will call Jojo. There are so many like her that have affected my life. Some just fade away. Others leave a lasting imprint on me. Some I miss dearly. But I miss everyone and always hope that Rocket did something for them.

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