The Purpose of Yoga

“Yogas Citta Vritti Nirodha”

The cessation of the fluctuations of the mind
From Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 1.2

I had another wonderful Candlelight Yoga last night. I have a strong affinity for a more rajasic practice. I do CrossFit and other extreme adventures. Its how my mind is programmed. But I always remind myself about balancing my energies. Each chakra struggles with light and darkness, hard and soft, aggressive and passive, action and ambivalence. If I stay to the right with the sun and its energies, I’ll find myself angry, critical, and forceful. Those are not good qualities in a yoga teacher. I have to consciously embrace peace and softness. And that’s what teaching Candlelight Yoga does for me. ​

I have so many friends who find the same struggles. A fellow teacher said something with regard to the person we are when we are stuck in traffic is the person who we are. Who are you in the quiet of your solitude? Do you think evil thoughts or hatred of another? Unfortunately, you can’t hide in the shadows. That is who you are. And something needs to change. Its hypocritical to perform as a seasoned and respected yoga teacher in front of people, but be a raging lunatic when you step off the stage. You can’t post on social media your hatred for others, of men, of politics, and abide by yogic principles. There isn’t wrong in pointing to what is wrong. But if you are part of the wrong, then you are a facade.

There is so much Vrtti in this world. You can watch the news and see the chaos around us. We spend hours on our phones, watching TV, and chasing the rat race of life. There must be balance or you will always find unrest. Be authentic to yourself first. Find your peace. But when you find it, make it last. And let your joy overflow to others. It is honorable as a yoga teacher to do so; as it is honorable for any person.

Yoga allows us to work through these opposing forces of light and dark. We burn our candles brightly and burn the Vrtti from our bodies. We wring out this toxicity that compels us. And then we find peace. Samadhi awaits you my friends. Seek it in your journey.

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