I’m Still Here

I had an exhausting week last week trying to get a training slide show finished. Then I had a report due this morning that kept me up to 3am to finish. I actually tried to sleep in my office. But it didn’t take and I got up and grabbed breakfast nearby at 6am. I’m feeling pretty good despite not having any sleep. But I think I’ll think otherwise after an Ashiatsu massage after work and then teaching yoga tonight. At least I’ll sleep well tonight.

A few yoga teachers and myself from our studio went to the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. It was a lot of fun despite the cold weather. It barely got above 50F the whole time. Brrr! The yoga helped a lot. The 15-30 mins of meditation afterward didn’t at all. But Acro was a blast!

And I’m subbing Acro Yoga this Sunday. So it will be a great experience. I’ve taught Partner Yoga workshops, like over Valentine’s Day. But not true Acro. And I’ve dabbled a lot over the years. What I’ve never done is participated in a regular Acro Jam. One of our awesome teachers who specialized in Acro has been teaching us in a regular class. I’ve loved it. I’m gaining more confidence. But I have a long, long, very long way to go.

I had almost a week off of working out over the past week. I ran a 5K at Wanderlust. And despite most of my muscles, heart, and lungs cooperating really well, my left calf went bonkers on me. Its the same strain that stopped my running career. I’ve been running trails and haven’t had a problem. But flat, concrete roads end up killing my calf.

Anywho, I did a workout the other day that really had me reeling. I felt so strong and unstoppable. I did Farmer Carries with 315#. Bench presses to the max. I went non-stop with 120# soft stone shoulder throws. And loads of pullups and other bodyweight work. I’m still sore today, but I’ve kept at it.

Life has been so very good to me. If I croaked tomorrow, I would have lived a fulfilled life. But lets hope to live another day!

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