New Workouts are Fun!


If you ask any coach, the worst thing athletes can do is not stick to their program. They jump from workout to workout because the grass is always greener, right?

But guess what, a new program always inspires me. It makes me do something new. Its the iterations of growth where one skill builds upon another that makes you reach higher heights.

First off, a workout has to fit your life. You can’t force square pegs into round holes. So here are a few determining factors for me:

1. I’m a morning person. I have a lot of vigor in the morning and I’m at my best.
2. I teach yoga and need to demonstrate poses without cramping or failing.
3. I am mostly a Warrior Diet person. So my biggest (and usually only) meals are late in the day.
4. I am a little hangry by dinner time. So this is the perfect time for fasted cardio.
5. I often work through the entire day. But I’m trying to make myself do some cardio and bodyweight work over lunch.
6. I don’t work Friday afternoons, though I offer Thai Yoga Massage as that time.

So with all of this in mind, here is my workout concept.

a.m. – wake up, walk dogs, drink coffee – then I do a WOD that usually lasts 5-15 mins. Then some bodybuilding movements.

Noon – sprints, lunges, handstands, parallette bar work, and kettlebells – <20 mins

pre-dinner – fasted cardio – 5 x 3 min cardio – I do something different each round with one minute rest between – jump rope, ski erg, rowing, running, pole dancing, recumbent bike, hula hooping, trampoline bouncing.

evening – certain nights are for Olympic lifting and powerlifting.

Then, I try to fit a trail run in on Friday afternoons or even over lunch. When I camp, I will bike or run or kayak or paddleboard. So I always find time to play.

There is a reason for everything in my schedule. It will fit my diet and energy levels. And doesn’t hinder my yoga teaching. I don’t really plan for rest. But rest always happens some how. If I’m beaten down or injured or sick, then I rest.

If I were to recommend a program for someone, I’d say first write down your goals in life. Is it to run a race, play with your kids, or feel better about your body? Do you need more cardio or more strength? I’d always include both. Then, set yourself up for success. Don’t try to be hard headed and make yourself do something that doesn’t fit your lifestyle or who you are. But do challenge yourself. And most of all, have fun!

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