This week at Amara Yoga 23Apr

Mon Rocket 2 7pm
Thu Candlelight Yoga 7pm
Sat Vinyasa Flow 8am
Sat Rocket 3 “Happy Hour” Noon
Sun Acro Yoga 530pm

I’m not teaching the Acro Yoga class, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed anytime I can go to Jodi’s class. It incorporates yoga in a very fun way. Yoga seems so solitary most times. Its nice to interact with yogis and different bodies in acro. It makes it such a social experiment.

Last night, I realized how the right clothing can help out your Acro practice. We were doing some transitions where your feet had to move around the flyer’s hips. But it was so easy to get toes caught up in loose fabric or the fabric was too slippery. Mostly polyester leggings, slippery nylon shorts, and baggy clothes just don’t work. A cotton or cotton-blend that is more form fitting works better. That will be something I remember for next time.

It was fun to have new faces in my classes last week since the north studio was being remodeled. If you haven’t seen it, it looks huge now! I’m so excited for the new space. Hot yoga has the most numbers, so this will be a nice expanse to include more yogis.

Something I’ve noticed about hot yoga is that it has a lot of beginners who attend. I notice how they struggle a lot in poses and don’t have a firm grasp on basics. It would be nice if hot yoga teachers would either help more with basics or encourage them to a fundamentals or beginner’s class. I fear that they will hurt themselves or not get enough out of poses. Every pose has a purpose and it would be nice if yogis learned what that purpose is. I cringe when I see bent knees in triangle, wide leg forward fold, or intense side stretch. They aren’t getting the point of the pose. It would be better if they kept legs straight and bent their torso just to their end point. Teachers need to teach!!

I almost need to apologize for the hot yoga class I taught on Friday. I got downright cranky about some poses I was seeing. And when I tried to adjust them, either verbally or physically, they seemed to resist my instruction. People could easily do yoga at home. The benefit of coming to a class with a registered yoga teacher (RYT) is that they get personal instruction. It is the greatest value of coming to classes. We don’t come to yoga to be anonymous. We come to grow as yogis and people of the Earth.

Nuff said!

2 thoughts on “This week at Amara Yoga 23Apr”

    1. Yeah, I’m prob the last person to give Lulu advice. Cottony blends are not easy to find. I needed something like that for Thai yoga too. I found a Reebok blend that is awesome. I have these cheap workout short tights that are mostly cotton with some spandex. I think that should work. But I doubt Lulu would work!! šŸ™‚


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