Full House

I had a full class for Rocket Yoga last night. I mean, at least full for Rocket. We need a lot of extra space for all the arm balances and inversions. So it was full.

Our North studio is having a big bar removed from when it was an Italian restaurant. So its going to give us considerable extra space. They need to re-do the floors, which might mean tearing up the entire floor. So we can’t have classes over there this week. I ended up with a few Hot Yogis coming to my class.

For the most part, Hot Yoga, is a beginner to intermediate class. Most students don’t really know all the poses. And a large percentage only come to hot yoga and no other classes. Of all classes, I think everyone should take fundamentals and beginners classes where they can learn about yoga and the basics of Asana practice. But students often think they can jump right in because they don’t really know what they don’t know.

So last night we were due for Rocket 3, which I think would be exciting for a new student. Rocket 1 is more like the Ashtanga Primary series, and while a little more basic Ashtanga-wise, I am a bit more strict about the postures. Rocket 3 is just fun time!

I didn’t change anything. I did explain a few things more than I usually do. And I emphasized Drishti and Breath more. The only part of the Tristhana I left out was Bandhas. Those first two are hard enough to learn by themselves. I slow walked them through astavakrasana (8-angle) and workshopped mayurasana (peacock). Otherwise, we did all the things I usually do.

I could sense frustration (and maybe a little terror) in a few eyes. But I think they had fun. I may even keep a couple of them. One lady came up to me and said she’d like to come more often even know she can’t do most of the poses. But I encouraged her like I do everyone, just try. If you keep at it, someday you’ll be able to make the shapes. It takes strength and flexibility, and those things take time. But be patient and always try something.

Rocket is the perfect segue into a whole new world. I often hope it will take them to Ashtanga or Kundalini classes as well. And maybe into more meditative and restorative practices. We do more pranayama than most classes. It may even have them seek fitness outside of class, like aerobics and weight training. I encourage our rock climbers always since its the perfect compliment to yoga. Aerial arts too.

Explore new things. Take what you like. And make yourself try things you don’t think you’ll like. Its where growth happens.

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