What’s the Soup of the Day?

Doesn’t status quo make you want to jump off a cliff some days?

No, its not that bad, but the rebel in me makes me want to whap people on the head.

I have so many friends who ask the waiter at the restaurant “What’s the Soup of the Day?” But, then they never (ever) get the soup. Its just something they think they should do. Maybe Mary Manners in some magazine they pick up at the doctor’s office tells them to say that. Why ask about soup if you are never going to get it?

And when people feel obligated to say “God Bless You” every time someone sneezes. A friend of mine once told me her cardiologist said that our heart stops for a split second when we sneeze and we are nearly (literally) dead for that short period of time. First of all, I’d find a new cardiologist. The idea is that if you are dead, you have to say “God Bless You” so that evil spirits don’t occupy that dead space. I don’t know what you believe. I do believe strongly that there is a God. But I don’t believe in this mumbo-jumbo one bit. It is complete nonsense. And some of my friends who don’t believe in God…well, they say this too. Does someone say “God Bless You” when you sneeze when you are completely alone? No they don’t. And you are still sane and not demon possessed. Its crazy.

Now this isn’t a status quo thing, but its a what the heck thing! I also have friends who go to a hamburger restaurant and get chicken. They go to a chicken restaurant and get roast beef. Huh?!! If a restaurant specializes in something, doesn’t it seem smart to go with what they do best?

I wish people would learn to think for themselves. Common sense always rules over tradition and superstition. When people mindlessly do things for no good reason, ask them to consider why they expend useless energy for nothing.

5 thoughts on “What’s the Soup of the Day?”

  1. Andy, I have been thinking of this post since I read it. For starters I was so excited by the soup, haha! It looks so good. I do usually ask for the soup of the day though I always have the intention of ordering should it be vegetarian. I love soup! Also, I can’t break away from saying God Bless you. Although I have most definitely questioned it and whether I should continue as I was raised catholic and we got in trouble in school if we refrained from saying it. My godmother also drove it so deep into me that I feel rude when I don’t say it! It’s a lot to unravel and unlearn similarly to how I feel of most holidays. I don’t care for them or subscribe to the malarkey but I take what I enjoyed, like gathering with loved ones over a meal, and continue with that aspect. I love a good thought provoking piece so thank you my friend! Maybe I’ll stop feeling inclined or obligated to say God Bless You for a sneeze after all!

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    1. I’m actually a very religious person. So I’m ok with the God bless you for itself. But not for superstitious reasons due to sneezing. It just seems so silly to me. Haha and if you order the soup then it’s all good! You have a reason to ask. I just have friends who never get it so why do they ask? I just don’t like silliness or doing things just to do them.

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      1. I agree with you and know people who do the same never with the intention of ordering. It is beyond silly for sure and I totally resonated with all of this. Now I’m dreaming up a bowl of soup that looks like the photo! Yum!


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